Sunday, April 28, 2013

A New Year for the Vermont Oxfam Action Corps

Every year two new Action Corps Organizers are chosen to lead each city's Oxfam Action Corps. Our goal, as trained organizers, is to be the on-the-ground arm of Oxfam's campaigning efforts. This means that we help spread the message about the inequalities and poverty in the world, but more importantly, we show the simple ways in which people across America can help end these inequalities, one action and one petition at a time.

Before we start to table farmers' markets, and spread the message at concerts, hunger banquets, and other events, all of the new organizers had to get trained. Here's what it involved:

For four days, 29 amazing people from 15 cities across the country congregated in Washington D.C. We spent three days locked away in a beautiful classroom, getting to know each other and the intricacies of how Oxfam is organized and run. We learned how to organize, spread the message, and even lobby. In fact, we spent our final day in the capital, talking to our representatives and senators about the President's policy to reform Food Aid.

Over the coming months, expect to hear more from myself and my co-organizer as we hit the ground, gathering partners and volunteers, and looking to make a difference for those in need in any way we can. Interested in joining us? Send us an email at We look forward to meeting you!