Wednesday, May 20, 2009

URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Help VT Oxfam Action Corps pass a strong bill on climate change and impact on the poor

Dear VT Oxfam Action Corps Members,

Thank you for your interest in the Oxfam Action Corps and dedication to Oxfam’s work to end poverty, hunger, and injustice. I'm writing to present an important action for you to take right now.

At this moment we urgently need support for a climate bill being debated right now in an influential committee of the US House of Representatives, the Energy and Commerce Committee, of which Congressman Peter Welch is a member. We are asking for your specific help to call upon Representative Welch in the House to not only support this climate change bill, but also to be a champion of international adaptation funding.

Currently, the Energy and Commerce Committee is drafting the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009. This bill has the ability to transition our nation to clean and affordable energy, create quality jobs, and could generate crucial international financing to help vulnerable communities cope with the devastating impacts of increased floods, droughts, famine, water scarcity, disease, environmental migration, and armed conflict over resources.

It is essential that we get Congress to support a fair and safe bill by taking these two simple actions.

First, click this link and send this e-action. It only takes a moment.

Secondly, please call Peter Welch's office at:
DC office: 202-225-4115. *If possible, ask to speak with Andrew Savage (Deputy Chief of Staff/Legislative Director). Tuipate and I met with him in April regarding this legislation.

VT office: 802-652-2450. * If possible, speak with Patricia Coates (State Director). Tuipate and I stopped by yesterday morning to drop off handwritten letters from the Sisters on the Planet screening on Saturday. She is highly supportive of our work for climate justice and needs the constituent backing to show the Congressman that Vermonters want him to stand up for international adaptation funding.

Simply call his office and ask him to support international adaptation on the Clean Energy and Security Act. We have provided you with sample text below that you can use as a guide. Call during business hours. If you can’t, then call anytime and leave a message.

If you don't live in VT, or have roots in another home state, other important committee members to reach out to are: Bobby Rush (IL), Jan Schakowsky (IL), Elliot Engel (NY), Charles Gonzalez (TX), Anna Eshoo, (No. CA), Doris Matsui (No.CA), Jane Harman (So.CA), and Henry Waxman (Chair of Committee, So. CA). If you have family or friends in any of these states, please forward this action alert to them.

The full list of members can be found at

Lastly, please write us back!!

Once you call, email us back at and let us know
how it went.

WHAT TO SAY: Draft phone text:

Hello, my name is [fill-in] and I am a resident calling to voice some comments
on the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 that Representative
[fill-in name] and other members of the Energy and Commerce Committee are
currently working on.

First, it is very important that the bill allows for substantial funding for
international and domestic adaptation by auctioning carbon permits. Adaptation
funds will help poor and vulnerable communities around the world cope with more
erratic weather and increased floods and droughts. Climate change is a global
problem and it will require global solutions. Investing in international
adaptation helps our world become less prone to conflict and migration. It is
the right thing to do especially since the U.S. emits over 25% of the world's
greenhouse gases.

Adaptation funding also gives low-income consumers in the U.S. access to
affordable clean energy, and will allow our state and the larger U.S. to invest
in green-collar jobs, energy efficiency, and renewable energy.

Finally, I want to voice my support for maintaining the emission reductions
proposed in the original draft of the bill. In order to avoid future disasters
we need an 80% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions below 2005 levels by 2050.

I want to thank Rep. Welch for his active leadership as a member of the Energy
and Commerce Committee. His guidance can help pass strong and effective climate


Thank you for all your hard work in helping us create solutions to poverty and


Nathaly Agosto Filion, Co-Organizer
Tuipate F. Mubiay, Co-Organizer

Vermont Oxfam Action Corps

Oxfam Action Corps, VT
Working together to end poverty and injustice.

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