Tuesday, December 1, 2009


On the weekend of December 12th, 2009, climate activists all over the world will be gathering to demand a REAL climate DEAL from their world leaders -- one that is simultaneously FAIR, AMBITIOUS & BINDING (FAB!).

In Burlington VT, at noon on the 12th (12/12 @ 12pm), join the VT Oxfam Action Corps in delivering our message by continuing your holiday shopping IN SLOW MOTION to call attention to the molasses-like speed of climate action.

WORLD LEADERS: The world wants a fair, ambitious and binding international treaty -- SEAL A REAL DEAL!

To RSVP, please visit our event links on Facebook and/or Evite. We hope to see you there! (in slow-mo!)

A few instructions:

1) set your cell phone alarm for 12pm so that we all start at the same time, regardless of where we are inside the mall
2) shop in slow-motion for 5 minutes!
3) make your way towards the Church St entrance to the mall (near Old Navy and Starbucks) to take a photo which will be displayed to world leaders at Copenhagen!

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